Friday, 15 May 2015

Tempting Delicious Local Foods in Terengganu :)

Assalamualaikum and good evening guyss :))

First of all, i am so sorry for not updating any posts in this blog because of this hectic month of mine so tonight i will update or tell you guys about tempting foods that we can find in this country.

Today, I choose to talk about delicious popular local foods in Terengganu. Frankly, me myself is from Terengganu so of course this state will be the first state that I will mention in this blog. Okayy, lets begin with simple information about Terengganu. Terengganu is one of the states in Malaysia that located at East Coast of Malaysia. It is near to South China Sea so that is why we can say that the sea products of this state are good and fresh.

One of the local foods or cuisine in Terengganu that famous among the locals and also among the tourists is ICT which also known as Ikan Celup Tepung. There are also Sotong Celup Tepung and Udang Celup Tepung.  Basically, all of this 'celup tepung' foods are the products from the sea that had been dipped into a special batter and the cook them by frying it in quite high heat.

It is the best time to eat ICT when they are still hot and crispy. Locals will eat ICT with the special sauce which taste just nice and sweet. Let me show you the picture of ICT.

ICT Ikan Celup Tepung

Sotong Celup Tepung

Udang Celup Tepung + special sauce

Looks yummy, right ? hahahaha :))

If you guys want to eat this real tempting delicious ICT, hurry and go straight to Terengganu to taste the food by yourself.

I would like to recommend a stall or can we say 'warung' that serve the best ICT in town which is Warung Pok Nong. It is better to not go there during weekends because it usually packed with people during that time. Here I put the address so you can find it yourself when you visit Terengganu !

Warung Pok Nong  --> A1693 Jalan Pantai, T145, Kg Teliput, 21030 Kuala Terengganu, Trg.

That's all from me. Good night :) Assalamualaikum xoxo