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Assalamualaikum :)

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Chillin' At Kampung Cina, Terengganu

Assalamualaikum, hyeeee :) How are you guys ? I hope you will still enjoy reading my post ! :)

Tonight, I would like to tell you guys about an interesting place that you can go whenever you visit Terengganu. The name of that place is Kampung Cina. Basically,it is where most of the people who live there are Chinese. There are shops selling various kind of things but most of the visitor go there because of the unique arts and creative things at every corner of the building at Kampung Cina.

I went there last year with my friends and we only managed to snap picture at certain places because that day, there were too many people and it was a busy day as there were also another groups of visitor from another country came to Kampung Cina. Let me show you the picture of Kampung Cina and some of our silly-pose pictures :P

The Main Gate. Opss this image is from Google

Turtle Alley, also from Google. Credit to the owner :)

There are not so many picture from us but here we go XD

Colourful Umbrella hanging on top of the roof.
And that blue one is Farah :P

Beautiful Colourful Wall with our awkward pose XD

The Great Tiger Painting has been blocked by this So-Called-Happy ladies, Farah and Fieza XD

I don't know what people call this corner but isn't this beautiful ? I went to this corner but cannot find the picture though :) Image from Google

The Graffiti Art, i haven't been yet to this place :(
Image from Google, credit to the owner

There are still many beautiful place and arts that can be found at Kampung Cina. I only put some pictures of the corner that we managed to visit there which is it maybe 1/4 of the attraction sites at the village. Alright, thats all from me. I will keep continue to update about my experience and also a good place to visit for you guys. Thank you in advance for those who read the post, thank you ! :)

Till then, good night :))